VINIQ LLC   Importing & Distributing French Wines


Due to France’s changing marketplace, many smaller-scale, French winemakers have found that, at the end of a typical year, they have excess wine left unsold. These winemakers are passionate about crafting fine wines, but often lack the time or connections necessary to gain entry into the US markets.

In 2009, Viniq LLC was founded to help open doors for these undiscovered winemakers importing limited quantities into the US market.

We are proud to represent Chateau de Cabriac, Clos Saint Georges, La Rochelièrre, La Mijane and Domaine du Mas Blanc all located in the Landuedoc-Roussillon Region, in the South of France.

The Winemakers take extreme pride in crafting fine AOC Corbiéres, Cotes du Rouissllon, Cabardès, Collioures and Vins de Pays de L’Oc. They draw inspiration from the beautiful region of the Landuedoc-Roussillon, the clay and limestone soil, the arid, rocky landscape, and the vineyards proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and Spain. For more information, please see our Wines section.

To learn more about these wines, the location or to contact us, see the Wines, Availability, Map and Contact pages.

Welcome to VINIQ LLC-

Representing the fine Corbières Wines From Château de Cabriac,

Côtes du Roussillon from Clos Saint Georges, Rosé from Domaine la la Rochèlierre, plus a gold medal winning Cabardès from La Mijane and finally an enticing Collioure from Domaine du Mas Blanc.